Welcome to my story Blinding Light! 

This is my first simlit story. I’ve always loved writing in my spare time (not usually sim related) and I enjoy playing the sims. Usually, all my families have back stories that I try to follow when I’m playing. This story kind of just happened out of the blue. I was rotating around to different families and when my game loaded up Reed’s house he was being abducted by aliens (which was a first ever in my game). I tried to stop the abduction because I like to play in a more realistic manner, but to no avail, he was still abducted. After he gave birth to aliens I decided to make a story out of it. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoy writing it!

This blog is still undergoing changes and having things added and removed as I try to find my way around WordPress. This shouldn’t hinder your ability to read the chapters I already have, but you may notice when you come back that things may look different or are changed. Sorry about that in advance. Happy simming!

Warning: This story may contain sensitive subjects such as language, violence, rape, death, and mental illness.